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July 2014   
Check out our new Kayaking Resources tab: One stop for all the information you need to go paddling! 

 From the Prez

 By Dave Ortland 
During the last meeting before the summer recess, the board formed a subcommittee to prepare a revised list of bylaws. The purpose of this revision is to modernize and simplify the Club's governing documents. The board recently approved the amended bylaws, but for them to become official, it is also required that they be approved by the membership. Please take a moment to review the revised bylaws and cast your vote below...

Vote to ammend WKC bylaws

 Featured Trip

 La Push: 7 Day Coastal Paddle and Camping

Photo credit to Gary Luhm

Launch from the Dickey River into the Quillayute River, then paddle south along the coast for 3 days, camp at trip leader select beaches, then return north again, camping at select beaches. Total trip length of 7 days. Each registrant is required to bring sufficient food and water for this period. Registrant must have taken Coastal Clinic or upon trip leader's approval. Wet or dry suit required. Please contact trip leader for additional details.

When:  July 26 to Aug 1
Where:  La Push, WA
Contact: Chris Smith

 Upcoming Training

 Advanced Skills Development and Wilderness Camping Class


Welcome to the Washington Kayak Club ASDWC Class. We are excited that you are considering joining us for a fun, entertaining and challenging learning experience. The class is a great environment to develop and expand your current Sea Kayaking skills and judgment. In this class, you will learn efficient paddling and boat handling technique, effective capsize recovery skills and correct bracing techniques, which includes a new section Wilderness Camping. 

Please take the time to review the schedule and requirements for participating in this class. If you are comfortable with the demands of the schedule and the requirements for participation in this class, please call Rhonda to ask questions and to confirm your spot in this class.
Your Lead Instructors:
Rhonda Schwab (253 735-9402)
Steven Exe 
Chris Smith 

Dates for 2014: One Full Weekend!
July 18: Washington Park, Anacortes
July 19: Pelican Beach Campsite
July 20: Deception Pass State Park

 News and Events

 Chris Duff Completes His Epic Trip: Scotland to Iceland

After having to call off the trip last year due to weather, Chris Duff resumed his epic paddle from Scotland to Iceland, launching his boat "Northern Reach" from the Faeroe Islands last month and completed his epic trip.  Congratulations, Chris!
Watch Chris running with the wind and a following sea along Iceland's south coast.

 Russell Henry Smashes Speed Record Around Vancouver Island

Last month, Russell Henry broke the record for circumnavigating Vancouver Island by human power by 2 and one half days! The record was held by Comox's Colin Angus when he completed the trip in a rowboat in 15 days, 11 hours, and 47 minutes. Kayaking nearly 1100 kilometers around Vancouver Island is a daunting task. Paddling solo, Russell averaged over 70 kilometers a day for two weeks.  Congratulations, Russell! 

 Important Announcement: New, Easier Waiver Process Just Released

 By Dave Ortland
Hello Paddlers,
Club Express, our web site provider, has just released a new enhancement that essentially provides for signed waivers during event registration. Our biggest administrative headache is now a thing of the past. Trip leaders rejoice!
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 San Juan Preservation Trust is Requesting Volunteers: July 17 and 26

Bella French from the San Juan Preservation Trust is requesting volunteers for the summer season. Please join her stewardship team and sign-up for volunteer work days scheduled this summer.

July 17: San Juan Island
July 26: Classic Schooner Sail
August 2: Paddle to Henry Island
August 23: Waldron Field Trip

 Inviting Washington Kayak Club Members to Raft Up!  August 16 and 17

Vashon is attempting to set a new world's record for the number of canoes and kayaks rafted up in one place! Join fellow paddlers on Sunday, August 17 in inner Quartermaster Harbor. Festivities begin Saturday, August 16 with a music festival and rare chance to camp on Vashon.

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 Swim for Life Needs Volunteers: August 20

Swim for Life is an annual 2 1/4 mile, team-based swim across Lake Washington from Medina Beach Park to Madison Park. A team is four or fewer swimmers and a kayaker, so you always have a safety boat near you. The contributions of participants, donors, and sponsors help add people in our community to the life-saving registry, pay for tissue typing, and facilitate matches made with donors in our area.

 Canoe & Kayak Calendar of Events for 2014


Check out cool kayaking events going on around the rest of the country.  

Link to Events

 Monthly Features

 Steven's Safety Corner

 By Steven Exe 
I am excited to announce we have added a couple of new safety resources to the WKC website:  

Please check out our new Kayaking Resources tab.  This page is designed to conveniently provide water, weather, and other important information you need to safely go paddling.  We are still developing the content.  If you have a favorite resource you would like to include, please forward it to our editor. 

Kayaking Resources

We have also created a new River Hazards Forum.  If you encounter dangerous hazards on the water, please share your experience with other members.  A few items have already been posted.

River Hazards Forum

Paddle safely!

 Botanical Ramblings: Strawberry Island Dreams

 By Linda Cooley  
Close your eyes and imagine an unhumaned island with a gently sloping protected kayak landing beach, steeply rising sea cliffs ablaze with checker lily (Fritillaria affinis, aka f. lanceolata) gently swaying in the offshore breeze. At the top of the cliff are softly curving paths flanked by a dramatic display of flowery meadows: red paint brush, camas (Camissia quamish), Western butter cup (Ranunculus occidentalis), white field chickweed (Cerastium arvense), magenta seablush (Plectritis congesta). Visualize each flower is in its freshly opened dew-drenched prime. 

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 Bird of the Month: Belted Kingfisher

 By Gary Luhm  
The conspicuous Belted Kingfisher rattles like windows in an earthquake while in flight, or chatters from a favorite fishing perch to let you know who owns the territory. With an almost comic, over-sized bill, head and crest to match its obstreperousness, the Belted Kingfisher sport a blue-grey back and chest, white collar and tiny feet.

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 Trip Reports

 Nisqually River Delta Paddle

By Tomas Tabisola
We launched on an ebbing tide and were able to paddle only about a half mile upstream on McAllister Creek before it became too shallow to paddle anymore. We saw our first bald eagle as it flew across the creek into the trees. It looked like it was carrying nesting material.

 San Juan Island Exploration and Whale Hunt

By Dave Ortland 

I’ll cut right to the chase: On Saturday we were surrounded by orcas. In addition, this trip was about islands, currents, wildlife, tide pools, flowers, beaches, peaceful solitude, and spam.

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 The Rush of Whitewater


By Mike Grijalva
What is it about the rush of whitewater that seems to grab people and make them want more?  Mike shares images and experiences from several recent whitewater trips.  And recommends some good areas to paddle.


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 WKC Basic Sea Kayaking Class: Deception Pass

Led by Rhonda Schwab, the Basic Sea Kayaking Class practiced effective paddling skills, capsize recovery techniques, and hazard awareness while having fun paddling in Deception Pass.


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