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River Wood Hazards

Headworks - 1500cfs (palmer gauge)
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Are you doing it again. Me and steph are ready. New custom werners just arrived at the front door. Santa was early this year.
Pleased to report the run is clear; all wood mentioned above is gone. Ran it today at 870cfs (Palmer). First rapid at the higher put-in is now clear, still have the woody islands below that as usual, and from the lower put-in to the lower takeout at Palmer Park is clear. Weir is completely clear; boulder garden at the end is clear. Best I've seen in years.

Just as you leave the lunch ledges there is a tree dangling into the top of the right channel, easy to see; the left channel is just fine.
First rapid inside gate, still quite a bit of wood (make sure newbies have boat control), second rapid there is still the huge wood pile, we went by on the left, but it's imperative to stay away from wood pile, not a lot of room to get by and you wouldn't want a swimmer. Once past the huge log jam, the third rapid has wood 3/4 of the way across starting from river right shore, you can get by on the left.

Straight section a couple turns before diversion pipe, tree has fallen all the way across river. At this level we were able to get over it on river left, but at lower flows could be very problematic. Also, once you see it, you could get stopped on river left, but they aren't eddies - it's more like moving slow current on the river bank.

Another tree down coming off river left, as you start into the rapid that continues down to the diversion pipe. You can easily get around it on river right.

Weir has about a 5' long log on the rock at bottom, no issues at this water level.
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