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Are there any exceptions to this $5 fee policy?
Yes. If a guest is already an ACA member and can produce their membership card as proof, the $5 fee is not required. Their membership number should be recorded on the "Events Roster" next to their name.  They must sign an ACA waiver, which is included with the Event Roster.
Where do I find the waiver?
Does everybody have to sign one of these forms for every pool session or trip we take?
No. Every WKC member only needs to sign one of these waivers annually. We are making this part of the membership renewal process to simplify the paperwork for returning members.
What about guests at the Pool sessions?
Guests are allowed at Pool Sessions.  There are fees for non-WKC and non-ACA guests.  Guests must also sign an ACA waiver at each pool session.
What about our sister club SSKC?
SSKC members who are not also WKC members are guests at WKC sponsored paddling events.
Are there other requirements for guests?
Yes. All of our paddling events now have ACA liability coverage, and this coverage covers guests as well. A guest, who is not a current ACA member, must begin paying a $5 per event fee and sign an ACA waiver. This fee in effect makes them an ACA member for the duration of the event.
What if I as a Trip Leader or Pool Coordinator don't know who is a member and who is a guest?

Trip Leaders have a online method to easily verify membership issues ahead of time.  WKC must still pay the ACA for our guests even if we cannot collect the fee, so it is important that each participant's name be legibly entered on the "Events Roster".  Should you need additional help or information, contact the appropriate WKC Sea Kayak, White Water, or Pools Chair ahead of the event for specific instructions.

Some of the fields on the Event Roster don't seem to make sense for me as a Trip Leader?
Not every field needs to be filled in for every individual or every paddling event. At a minimum the event description and date on the form, and for each participant a legible printed name and membership/guest status, should be filled in. Fill in other fields as appropriate.
Why do we need an events roster?
Our contract with ACA requires us to have all WKC "active" paddlers enrolled as ACA members; in effect this is how we are paying for our insurance coverage. The Event Rosters allow our Insurance Chair to track who is active within the club and allows WKC to fulfill our obligation. The Events Roster also allows us to identify non-club members and pay their $5 guest fee.

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